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I am a freelance journalist living in Leipzig, Germany. I write about the economy, education, and contemporary history and have published in German and international media. At last, my journal article about "Medial quality assessment of medical performance" was published by Thieme publishing.

I have also developed subjects and written articles for real estate publicatons as well as for the member magazines of the Leipzig Gewandhaus and the Dresden Staatskapelle. 

As a business economist with an international career, I had ten years of leadership experience in the automotive and telecommunications industries. I was able to sharpen my view by changing locations and perspectives. I have lived in several regions of Germany and had various opportunities to live and work abroad, including Mexico, the USA and Spain.

After subsequent maternity leaves, I took advantage of opportunities to study journalism in Grand Rapids, MI and in Leipzig, Germany.

I took my first steps in journalism by writing in English for the international city magazine „Leipzig Zeitgeist“; my latest articles, about universities and start-up companies in Leipzig, were published in the leading national German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung".

I also co-wrote a journalistic how-to e-book of my professional association that was published in 2016.